Transitional Relic, 2018
Mixed media (string and glass)
Dimensions variable

Rotation of planet Earth generates a natural cycle which governs all kinds of activity around the globe, with the most primitive temporal motif being the alternating rhythm of night and day.

Night and day is one of those pairs in the concept of duality which humanity has been familiar with since the ancient times, it is our nature to perceive and interpret the world around us simply in the pair of opposites, notably such as

black and white
big and small
strong and weak
is and is not.

Getting the grasp of the world by viewing everything as two opposites is a way to make a quick and easy judgment we primarily required for survival. But there is usually transition and gradation between extreme polars, like the whole 3 dimensional spectrum of colours, the variety of characteristics other than strong and weak, and the period of time when night and day blend together.

Dew is water that forms during that transition, it gathers and appear in that moment of change, on the edge between night and day, a time between when we are asleep and when we are awake, when we switch to the world with consciousness from the subconscious counterpart.

Transitional Relic is a mixed-media installation made to immortalise a dew, signifier of moment in-between the night and day. It is placed between two diverging limbs of a tree.

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