Rain under Rain Tree, 2018
Mixed media (string, glass, rain tree)
Dimensions variable

Which of the raindrops is the first of the rain?

This is a question with the theoretically possible correct answer. It is a question that we can imagine some form of answer, yet no one is likely to know the answer to it. And in the normal situation, it would take more than a drop of rain for us to tell that it is actually raining. So there is a little window of time when we become more aware of the element than usual, yet we are not yet able to tell that it is certainly raining. During that state of mind, the conversation stops, and there is a moment of a little suspense where we put most of our minds to sense our surroundings.

Rain under Rain Tree is a mixed-media installation made of specifically-made bead of glass and string, hanging from a branch of rain tree, moving along with the branch as the wind blows. It is a simulation of how it is like to have a first-hand experience to the answer of enigmatic question of which no one knows the answer.The work is made to resemble the first drop of rain, installed beneath a branch of rain tree, a species whose leaves fold together when it starts to rain. It invites people in the park to take a closer look and sense their sphere of perception, especially when the sky is murky and the wind is blowing.

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