Memorial of Time series, 2018
Mixed media sculpture

        something there once was
        something there is going to be
        inscribed, packaged in the veins
        to revive from what remains

        from the soil
        to the branches and buds
        to the winged pods
        to the soil

        and so the present shapes the shell
        to send the former to the future

        inside the package is a place
        where time flows in its own pace
        enclosed with image
        of what it once was part
        something there once was
        something there is going to be

Memorial of Time is a series of site-specific sculpture which explores the monumental quality of the site beyond the Praisaneeyakan building. The fragile pieces of aluminium foil sculptures are formed to represent the live plant parts, purposely exerting the audience’s cognitive connection between the skin-deep mimics made of material entirely inorganic and the absence of its live counterparts from which the sculpted forms are derived. The three pieces of sculptures are placed on positions related to each piece by floral language of the sculptures themselves and the poem dedicated for the memorial and temporal aspect of the site.

Praisaneeyakan has a long an enduring history. It is originally built around 1871 as a mansion owned by Prajeenburi city governor. The governor married a daughter of British consul-general at the time. He was shortly after accused of corruption, torture, and murder, and received capital punishment. There are some arguments that the death sentence was actually a consequence of political conflict caused by his marriage.

After his death, Thai government seized the mansion and turned it into Praisaneeyakan (literally post building), the first post office in the history of Thailand. It went through associated practices such as being the telegram school until it was demolished to make way for construction of Phra Pok Klao bridge in 1982. The present Praisaneeyakan is a replica built in 2003.

The present Praisaneeyakarn served as the postal museum until it was closed to the public a few years later. There has been a proposed plan to demolish and rebuild the replica with more functional space. However, it is yet to be a certain public announcement about its future.

Padauk (Pterocarpus) is one of the species with winged seed pods which represent envelopes of message in floral language. The life-size sculpture of twig with winged fruits is placed on the existing cut-down Padauk tree stump on the site of Praisaneeyakan.

Globe amaranth is called Baan-Mai-Ru-Roi in Thai, roughly translatable as "never-withering bloom". It is associated to persistence and immortality. The sculpture replicating a globe amaranth flower is placed on an empty hardscape frame which indicates the past existence of a tree.

Rosemary represents remembrance in floral language. A metallic replica is placed on a cut-down stump of tree jasmine, the provincial tree of Prajeenburi.

All of the sculptures are made of aluminium foil, an inorganic material which is distributed in the form of thin sheets. The forms which sculptures have taken from its organic archetypes are hollow, fragile, and are only skin-deep. They are made to convey the narratives and the questions about this historical site, the relations between forms and our interpretations, and the monumentality of the building and its surrounding.

Memorial of time: Padauk pods, 2018
Mixed media sculpture (aluminum foil, Padauk tree stump)
Unique (Ephemeral)

Memorial of time: Amaranth, 2018
Mixed media sculpture (aluminum foil, hardscape tree border)
Unique (Ephemeral)

Memorial of time: Remain of Tree Jasmine, 2018
Mixed media sculpture (aluminum foil, Indian cork tree stump)
Unique (Ephemeral)
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